Short cut science lessons do not work!

In science lessons, that are in some schools 50 minutes long, we are missing the most valuable moments. Often by the time a class of 30 students have walked from a previous lesson, settled, written homework into their planners, handed in homework, written the learning objectives and attempted the starter activity you are lucky to have 30 minutes for a practical investigation. If all goes well and the technician has managed to resource the necessary equipment you are ready. If you're lucky you will be in a science laboratory. On your marks, get set, go! One to one tuition allows students to explore their ideas, ask questions and foster learning. Learning is right when we see students not just engaged in investigations, but engrossed in discovery. Developing scientific practice and thinking is not difficult but requires the right approach. If the world requires scientists we must rethink and provide the necessary environment to help our youngsters. Allow them to nuture their understanding of this specialised subject, and flourish. 

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